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Friday, July 14 at the Oak Branch Saloon in Bear Valley Springs. Show starts at 8:30 pm

“You don’t stop dancing because you get old. You get old because you stop dancing.”

DJ-Dancer service includes:

• Popular songs arranged and customized for your target audience;

• Four hours of continuous mixed music with effects and special lighting;

• An extra hour or more of background or “warm-up” music for dinner time;

• Special requests taken before or during the performance;

• Awesome, state-of-the-art sound and technical equipment;

• DJ-Dancer interaction with the audience to facilitate fun and friendship.*

• All of the above services for a fair, flat rate. Contact me for details.

• Serving southern California; small travel fee may apply.

* Please see The Art of the Mix.

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Got questions?  Call Peter @ 661.331.3382

The Art of the Mix

What makes a perfect sequence of songs? What playlist makes you want to dance, and keep dancing, to one great song after another?

There’s no magic formula for that, and no universal agreement on what it would be, but that’s what every DJ tries to create. From my years of experimentation (and from plenty of feedback) I’ve concluded a great mix of songs is an art, not a science.

The one thing I can guarantee is you’ll be happy if I play a song you request. So I encourage you to see me during my show and tell me what you want to hear. If you prefer, you can even send me a requested song in advance. Just use the request form on this site.

If you could peek at my digital library, you’d see I’ve got every kind of musical genre: rock, pop, funk, country, jazz, classical, disco, reggae, blues and alternative tunes that don’t fit in any category. I’ve found that most of my customers like a mix of old and new pop songs — the recognized classic dance tunes with distinctive rhythm and beat. But I’m willing to change anything on the fly if it will make for a better experience.

And why the odd business name? I’ve always been a dancer. You’ve heard the phrase, “Dance like no one is watching.” Personally, I dance like I don’t care who’s watching! When I’m doing a show, my silly moves on the dance floor serve as an ice-breaker, and in no time I’ve got everyone dancing. I love interacting with people and making new friends, and when my customers are having fun, I’m having fun. So the business name simply reflects what I do.

One thing I’ve learned over the years is that music literally does have the power to move you. Dancing is fun, healthy exercise, so let’s dance!

Personal note:  DJ Dancer is a fun hobby business for me.  If you must know more about my other reckless experiences, you can check out my bio here.

Who is this DJ Dancer person?

I’m one of those guys who enjoys doing different things, and probably never excels in any one of them. My personality type is an odd combination of adventuresome and analytical — I relish spontaneous interactions with total strangers and making new friends. But I’m also cursed (or blessed) with the childhood habit of always asking “why?” On the plus side, this combination of social affinity and analysis has made me a natural facilitator, something I still do today, and also may explain my rather twisted career path and diverse avocations.

Right after high school I flew from Bakersfield to Bavaria, bumming around central Europe alone, surviving awkward social encounters by speaking B-plus German. After that I was the editor of my community college newspaper, back in the days when newspapers were actually printed and read. Since then, in the intervening five decades I’ve jumped between many different pursuits, depending on what was interesting, challenging or available at the time. I have been a computer guru, daily newspaper reporter, editor, multimedia developer, DJ, business consultant, ballet dancer, cowboy, science historian, adjunct professor, facilitator and… next, maybe I’ll try out as a rodeo clown.

My first career passion was in print journalism, where I spent 20 years as a writer, editor, graphic designer and tech guy. Then I made a crazy switch and worked three years for California’s Fiscal Crisis and Management Assistance Team, followed by six years producing interactive media, videos and websites. Then I spent eight years directing the workplace training and business development programs at the Weill Institute of Bakersfield College. After that I tried to retire but failed miserably.

In addition to this I taught leadership courses at Fresno Pacific University and, I am proud to say, for five years I did training for Apple Inc. Then I tried to retire again and finally realized I’ll never retire.

I have a Bachelor of Science degree in Organizational Behavior and Master of Science degree in Education, with a specialty in training and performance improvement. I'm a certified facilitator through the National Curriculum and Training Institute in Real Colors and in Cognitive Behavior Change. I also did graduate work in Mass Communications at CSU Northridge. Blah blah blah.

Ever since my wife died seven years ago, I’ve stayed active as a way of coping. I have a cinematic digital film camera for a challenging science documentary project I started writing and filming some time ago (still working on it, too). When I moved to Bear Valley Springs eight years ago I noticed the wildlife, especially the elk, and ever since I’ve been filming them just for fun.  As everyone who lives in this area will tell you, we never get tired of seeing these magnificent, massive beasts who live among us.

Pierre DeArmond

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